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The New Smartlace Lite Wig Book by Jon Renau in South Africa

Introducing SmartLace™ Lite – our newest light hair density wigs with an ear to ear lace front and an ultra-lightweight cap design. A non-slip silicone nape area ensures a snug fit while polyurethane ear tabs allow for the most flexibility. Jon Renau’s Smartlace Lite Wig Book just got smarter, more natural-looking, and lighter. Give you the freedom to move with confidence. Comes in our 5 bestselling wig styles in South Africa.

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View the Below Smartlace lite Wig Book by Jon Renau

This Video Shows The Various Details On A Smartlace Lite Wig

Jon Renau Cameron Lite Wig Details

One of Jon Renau’s most popular bobs gets an upgrade with the new SmartLace™ Lite cap. With lighter hair density and a unique lace front that extends from ear to ear for the most realistic hair line, Cameron Lite is a timeless style with elegant layers and refined length. Her mono top and 100% hand-tied cap provide the appearance of natural hair growth.

Click here to view the Cameron Lite by Jon Renau.

Jon Renau Julianne Lite Wig Features a Brand New Cap Design

Julianne’s effortless beach waves and celebrated asymmetrical style is now also available in the most innovative SmartLace™ Lite cap. Julianne Lite is a light hair density wig with a lightweight cap that features a nearly invisible ear-to-ear lace front. The hand tied mono top provides multi-directional parting and the PU ear tabs allow for the use of adhesive for those wanting extra security.

Click here to view the Julianne Lite by Jon Renau.

Jon Renau Zara Lite Wig With an Ear to Ear Lace Frontal

Zara Lite is the light hair density rendition of Jon Renau’s famous Zara wig. Yes, Zara’s long, luscious layers are also available with the most innovative SmartLace™ Lite cap that features a lace front that extends from ear to ear, polyurethane tabs, and silicone nape for maximum security.

Click here to view the Zara lite by Jon Renau.

Jon Renau Carrie Lite Wig With a Hand Tied Cap

With the unique SmartLace™ Lite cap, Carrie, Jon Renau’s best-selling shoulder-length bob gets the ultimate upgrade to achieve a new level of luxury. Carrie Lite features a seamless lace front that extends from ear to ear for the most realistic hairline, a hand-tied mono top that allows for multi-directional parting, and light hair density for the most natural look.

Click here to view the Carrie Lite by Jon Renau.

Jon Renau Blake Lite Featuring a New Cap Design

Blake Lite combines the luxury of Blake’s 100% hand-tied cap, finest Remy human hair and lavish layers with the versatility of the SmartLace™ Lite cap. With a light hair density and a unique lace front that extends from ear to ear for the ultimate natural-looking front hair line, there has never been a more realistic and modern look!

Click here to view the Blake Lite by Jon Renau.

Private and Personalised Hair Topper and Wig Fittings Available


Hair loss is a private matter and for this reason, we have built a bespoke wig boutique where you are able to try on various Smartlace Lite styles in comfort and privacy.

During your consultation, we will go over all the aspects of the wig or hair topper you require. From the materials used, the colours and lengths available through to the cap constructions used. We will make sure that we find the perfect wig or hair topper for you and your lifestyle.

Jon Renau Wig Books Showing New Styles Available

Click here to view the Jon Renau wig books showing styles available in South Africa.

Smartlace lite wigs created by Jon Renau

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