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The Easihair Pro Looks Gallery

This gallery will give you an idea of what length and how many boxes you will need to achieve each look. There is nothing better than looking at ‘before and afters’ with easihair pro tape in extensions. Our 100% human hair tape in extensions are fast and easy to apply, fast and easy to remove and fast and easy to re-apply. Our extensions are cuticle intact and remy, which means the cuticles are all running in the same direction! Why is this important Cuticles will keep your hair looking as natural as possible and eliminate tangling! Notice how natural they look in each image! A full-length transformation can be achieved in under 60 minutes and a mini volume in as little as 10 minutes.

Enjoy this gallery we have created especially for you and decide on what transformation you are looking for.

Full Length

Partial Length

Full Volume 

Partial Volume

Mini Volume

Easihair Pro Partial Volume Hair Extension on a smiling woman

The LookPartial Volume
Solution: 12″ – 1 box

Partial Volume Easihair Pro Hair Extension in a Creme Soda Colour

The Look: Partial Volume
Model: Brooklyn
Solution: 12″ – 1 box

Hot Fudge Easihair Pro Tape in Hair Extensions

The Look: Partial Volume
Model: Cassidy
Solution: 12″ – 1 box