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O Solite wigs are the latest technology in Jon Renau’s collection. They are made with an innovative fibre called Monofilament which allows us to create a lighter-weight product while still maintaining its durability. This means our customers can enjoy their new lightweight wigs without worrying about them being too heavy or uncomfortable on their heads. The monofilament also gives the hair more movement so it feels natural when worn! Our exclusive O Solite wigs weigh up to 50% less than traditional wigs making them ideal for women who want something light and easy to wear all day long.

Are you looking for a wig that is lightweight, comfortable and looks great?

You will love how much easier your life becomes once you have one of these amazing products in your wardrobe! It’s perfect for everyday use as well as special occasions like weddings, parties or other events where you need to look your best at all times. We know that every woman wants her hair to look beautiful no matter what she is doing, but sometimes this isn’t possible due to medical conditions such as alopecia or chemotherapy treatments which cause hair loss. Now there is finally a solution – try out one of our incredible O Solite wigs today and see why they are loved by so many people around the world! These products offer both comfort and style unlike anything else on the market today!

Three women wearing various lightweight wigs in different styles

Looking for a wig that looks and feels like real hair?

O Solite wigs are the perfect solution. They’re made of long-lasting synthetic material and they look and feel just like your own locks. Plus, their natural-looking fibres blend seamlessly with your skin tone to create an incredibly realistic appearance. And because they’re designed by Jon Renau, you can rest assured knowing these wigs have been expertly crafted to last for years to come.

You can wear them straight out of the box or style them however you want – it’s up to you! With so many options available in our collection, there’s something here for everyone – from short styles that are easy to manage every day, all the way up to long layers that provide incredible volume and movement. No matter what type of look you want or how much time you have on your hands each morning, we have a wig that will make getting ready easier than ever before!

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The Jazz Lightweight Wig by Jon Renau for Women with Hair Loss

Finger style your way to fun in this short, playful shag!
You’ll dance to your own beat with flipped out layers and fuss-free O’solite construction.

View the Jazz wig here.

Are you looking for unique lightweight wigs?

Do you have thinning hair? O Solite Wigs by Jon Renau are designed for women who want a natural look and feel. Our open cap construction allows superior ventilation to keep your scalp cool while reducing the weight of each lightweight wig for an even more secure fit. The wigs come in a variety of colours and styles that can be mixed and matched with different outfits or accessories. They’re also easy to care for – just shampoo, condition, brush out tangles, let dry naturally then style as desired!

You don’t need to worry about feeling self-conscious anymore when you wear our wigs. We offer shipping across South Africa and you will get the best quality at the lowest price possible! Plus we offer free returns if you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase. So what are you waiting for? Order today before they sell out!

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Chelsea Wig by Jon Renau

An empowered blend of pert practicality and sultry layers, this stunning short shag provides all-day beauty and cool comfort with O’solite open cap construction.

View the Chelsea Wig here.

Super Lightweight Wigs for Ultimate Comfort

Do you want to look your best? O Solite wigs are the most comfortable wigs on the market. They weigh as little as 47 grams, which eliminates pressure and friction that might be felt from a heavier traditional wig. You’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all!

The weightlessness of these wigs will help you feel confident in any situation. Whether it is an important business meeting or a night out with friends, our lightweight products will have you feeling your best every day of the week!

Click here to book a private fitting and try on these amazing O Solite Wigs today!

The Gaby Lightweight Wig by Jon Renau

This short layered wig gives you instant style. The length at the nape is ultra-feminine, while the O’solite construction is practically weightless.

View the Gaby here.


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