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The Jon Renau European human hair wigs are the very top-of-the-line hairpieces available on the market for women today. Constructed with the highest quality hairs available. These styles represent the most refined designs and craftsmanship in the hair industry. Designed for women seeking supreme luxury, the following are the very best European human hair wigs available. Amalfi, Ravello, Capri and Positano, they offer unmatched satisfaction.

Three different women wearing a variety of European human hair wigs

Why We Use European Human Hair on a Wig?

European human hair remains essentially unaltered before being threaded into a wig. The minimal processing of the hair translates into a longer-lasting hairpiece and enhances the beauty of a wig. Therefore, the best European human hair wigs offer the silkiest movement and sheen from all other human hair wigs available. 

European human hair

The Amalfi – Best European Human Hair Wigs

This soft and textured shag falls below the chin under a  fringe of bangs. Like Amalfi’s famous limoncello, sweet with a refreshing edge.
Click here to view the Amalfi – European Hair Wig.

Lady with total hair loss wearing the Amalfi European hair wig


The Ravello European Human Hair Wig is inspired by classic elegance. The layered style curves gracefully from the crown to the shoulders. Embodying the enchantments of the muses. View the Ravello here. 

Lady with hair loss wearing a european hair wig in blonde

Only Made by Master Wig Makers

Each wig in our European wig collection is the work of an artisan. Master wigmakers hand knot each individual strand of hair onto a 100 percent monofilament, hand-tied wig cap and its lace front. This meticulous process creates a lightweight, smooth, airy feeling against your scalp. It also allows the individual hairs to swivel in any direction, creating the illusion of all-over follicular hair growth. These amazing human hair wigs are customised with lustrous, natural-looking colour and can be styled normally or with heat to achieve any look you desire.

The decision to invest in Virgin European hair wigs is a personal choice. It goes beyond style to consider the details of the wig making process at a high resolution. But without exception, the four stunning new styles in the Jon Renau European Hair Collection feature the finest quality materials and the most comfortable designs available, ensuring women look and feel their very best.


This polished and picturesque chin-length bob refines the glamour of simplicity. Clean cut lines create a look of exquisite poise, sophistication, and aplomb.

Click here to view the Positano.


Tapered just below the nape for a sleek silhouette. This short style captures the essence of casual chic and beckons carefree days in the sun.

Virgin European Hair Wigs – Cap Design

The various details on a European hair wig cap design

1: Smartlace Front

This mimics a natural hairline, the hair is alo tied one by one.

2: Monofilament

Allows for multi-directional parting, while providing the appearance of natural hair growth.

3: 100% Hand-Tied Cap

Each hair is individually hand-tied, therefore creating the appearance of complete hair growth.

4: 100% Hand Tied Stretch Section

Allows customised stretch from from to back and ear to ear.

5: Velvet Ear Tabs

Allows smooth size customisation with a bendable wire.

6: Adjustable Tabs

Allows the wearer to adjust the final circumference

Click here is you want to know about the various wig cap constructions.

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