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Our Hair toppers add volume for women who want to will instantly transform their look by adding body to fine, thinning hair. These clip-in and bondable hair toppers offer today’s women unique solutions at each stage of hair loss. This is the best alternative to a full wig! Hair Loss is caused by a variety of reasons. With the widest range of hair toppers in South Africa, we have solutions for each stage of your hair loss and hair thinning. Our non-surgical hair replacement and solutions have been designed by experts and worn by professionals across the world.

Top Style Hair Toppers for Volume

Jen also tries on the Top Style Hair Topper by Jon Renau SA

Jen wears the Top Style Hair Topper

Jen has struggled with thinning of her hair and actual hair loss in places. She tries on the Top Style hair topper by Jon Renau and transforms her look completely. Jen says she used to look exactly like this a few years ago before her hair loss started.

About the Top Style

This clip in topper integrates easily with your own hair at the crown to add body and volume. The 9-inch monofilament base is virtually invisible.

Top Style Colours

The Top Style is available in 32 professionally created colours by the experts at Jon Renau.

Designed to match and complement your existing hair colour perfectly.

Click on the image to view further information about the Top Style Hair Topper

Hair topper position

The Top Style Topper Coverage Area

Topper Details

Top Style Topper Details

Topper shape

Top Style Placement in Colour

Top Wave Hair Topper for Style

Jenny who suffers from Alopecia tries on the Top Wave Hair Topper by Jon Renau SA

Look at the change Jenny goes through with the Top Wave Hair Topper

Jenny has struggled with various degrees of hair thinning and hair loss over the last few years. We transform he look by adding volume to her existing hair by using the Top Wave Hair Topper.

About the Top Wave Hair Topper

A bold, unfettered attitude shines brighter with this easygoing, wavy style. This clip in topper adds volume and looks completely natural with a monofilament base. Perfect for the beginning and mid/progressive stages of hair loss.

Top Wave Hair Topper colours

Click the picture for further information about the Top Wave Hair Topper by Jon Renau SA.

Created and available in 29 professional colours to match your existing hair perfectly. 

Hair Topper position

Top Wave Topper Placement and Coverage

Topper Details

Top Wave Hair Topper Callouts in detail

Topper Shape

Top Wave Hair Topper Placement

Top Form Hair Topper

We added volume to Jenny's hair by adding a Top Form hair topper

The amazing modification Jenny goes through

Jenny tried on various wigs and toppers. Due to the amount of hair loss she has we found that a hair topper was perfect for her.

About the Top Form Hair Topper

Designed to add gorgeous volume at the crown, this 100% remy human hair topper integrates with your own hair for a supremely natural look — it can even be styled with heat! So go ahead, curl and flat iron your style into place. 

Top Form Topper Colours

Created in 15 professional colours by the experts at Jon Renau SA. These will blend into your existing hair perfectly.

Click on the image to view all the colours and for further information about the Top Form Toppers range by Jon Renau SA.

hair topper position

Topper Details

Top Form Topper Callouts in Colour

Topper shape

Top Form Topper Placement

Find the perfect size hair topper For your type and stage of hair loss

Click on the below image or here and let us help you find the right hair topper for your hair loss needs.

Private and Personalised Hair Topper & Wig Fittings Available at Fascinations Boutique

Hair loss can be a personal matter and for this reason, we have a bespoke wig boutique where you are able to try on various wig styles in comfort and in our private consultation rooms.

During your consultation, we will go over all aspects of the wig or topper you are enquiring about. From the materials used to make the piece and the cap construction, right through to the colours and lengths that the piece you have chosen comes in. We are confident that we will find the perfect wig or hair topper to suit you and your lifestyle.