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We are Jon Renau launched our first heat resistant synthetic fibre called the “HD Collection” HD stands for (Heat Defiant) back in 2011. Without a doubt, we pioneering the most innovative heat resistant fibre wigs on the market. This fibre is a second-generation fibre called “Futura ST.” Unlike the original heat resistant fibre on the market, HD fibre mimics human hair like no other synthetic material. Therefore, giving the wearer all the benefits and flexibility of styling without the investment of human hair. HD fibre also has style memory, so it will hold whatever style is put into it, even through washing and after its exposure to natural environmental elements. Here are a few Pros and Cons of Heat Resistant Wigs along with a few Cons of Heat Defiant Wigs.

Heat Resistant Wigs


Pros of Heat Defiant Wigs

Cons of Heat Defiant Wigs


Heat Resistant




Combs and Brushes to use


As per the below diagram, using a brush will increase frizzing and tangling.

Only use a wide-tooth Jon Renau Comb on your HD Synthetic hair wigs.

Pros and Cons of Heat Resistant Wigs use a Wide Tooth Comb

Pros and Cons of HD Wigs

The Pros and Cons of HD Wigs fibres. (Heat Defiant) They can withstand temperatures up to 350°F (176°C). Therefore, due to its finer denier we recommend working at 270°-280°F (132 – 137 °C). Without a doubt, you should only use professional styling tools, ones that come with digital temperature settings. Pros and Cons of HD Wigs are that the ONLY styling tool recommended to be used on heat resistant fibre is the Jon Renau Wide Tooth Comb. This is due to the fact that other brushes and combs cause tension on the fibre. Thus leading to stretching and retracting of the fibre (much like a ribbon.) This will cause tangling and frizzing and will damage the fibre over time.

Complimentary Wide Tooth Comb by Jon Renau

If you Notice Frizzing!

If you start to notice some frizzing on the ends from normal wear (common in the areas that touch the body) you can simply mist with your Jon Renau HD Smooth Detangler. Followed by your Jon Renau Heat Treat Thermal Spray. Thereafter you can flat iron slowly in small sections to help remove frizz. If the fibre has extensive frizzing, a steamer can be used by a professional in those areas to help release the frizz. This is the ONLY time a fine-tooth comb can be used. Once again we recommend that you use our wig service to get the best from your wig. These are the Pros of Heat Defiant Wigs.

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Wig Care Instructions

Each wig fibre we use is unique and there are different care instructions


The ultimate guide to perfect wig care for each of them.




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