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Wigs on sale in Cape Town

Each month we have an amazing selection of unique wigs on sale. December month we are focusing on our amazing selection of Synthetic Ponytail Extensions. With over 40 unique colours, we know unquestionably that we will match your hair colour.

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Breathless Ponytail Extensions

Introducing the breathless ponytail is one undoubtedly of our best selling synthetic clip-in ponytails. Available in short, straight, and lustrous. The breathless ponytail attaches with a clip-in comb or optional drawstring bun base.

Available in a wide variety of colours to suit your hair perfectly.

Reduced to R 592.00

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Ponytail Hair Tutorial for amazing ponytail extensions in Cape Town


Classy Ponytail

Presenting the Classy Ponytail. A synthetic clip-in ponytail. Attaches with a clip-in comb in addition to a drawstring bun base option. You clearly cannot go wrong with the classy ponytail from Creators of amazing ponytail extensions for natural hair.

With over 40 natural colours to suit your hair.

Reduced to R 270.00

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Crush Ponytail – Wigs on sale

Young and funky Crush Ponytail is a gorgeous mid-length clip-in ponytail. Featuring beautiful, glamorous curls that are perfect for any occasion. It attaches with a clip-in comb or optional drawstring bun base. The synthetic fibre of the crush ponytail will absolutely retain its curls even after you wash it.

41 amazing colours to match your hair perfectly.

Reduced to R 542.00

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Foxy Ponytail

The Foxy Ponytail is an extra-long, clip-in ponytail that easily clips on with a claw comb or optional drawstring bun base. This incredible foxy ponytail absolutely adds instant glamour to any style with its length and beautiful waves.

33 Unique colours to match your hair colour.

Reduced to R 626.00

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Provocative Ponytail wigs on sale

Our Provocative Ponytail is an extra-long clip-in ponytail. It easily attaches to your own hair. The provocative ponytail definitely and instantly creates long, wavy layers to your existing hairstyle. Above all, it attaches with claw comb or optional drawstring bun base. These and other ponytail extensions for natural hair are available online.

Created in over 30 unique colours to suit your hair colour.

Reduced to R 589.00

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Rampage Ponytail extensions for natural hair

Rampage Ponytail is a mid-length clip-in ponytail. It easily attaches to your own hair. Our Rampage ponytail will without a doubt instantly add gorgeous, wavy layers to your existing hairstyle. It also attaches with a claw comb or optional drawstring bun base. A very popular ponytail extensions cape town to improve your hairstyle.

Over 30 different colours are available to match your hair perfectly.

Reduced to R 550.00



Order Rampage online today Other Synthetic Hairpieces


Synthetic Hair Care for your hair extension





•  Firstly, before washing your wig or hairpiece. Gently remove any tangles using your Jon Renau Paddle Wig Brush or Jon Renau Wide Tooth Comb.

•  Secondly, wet hair completely using cool running water.

•  Thirdly, gently lather the hair with a small amount of Jon Renau Synthetic Shampoo. Making sure that the hair is travelling in the same direction. DO NOT rub hair as this may cause tangling.

•  Fourthly, rinse thoroughly under cool running water until finally, the water runs clear.

•  Finally, wrap wig or hairpiece in a towel and gently pat dry.

•  Spray with Jon Renau Conditioning Spray (3-5 pumps) keeping away from the base of your wig or hairpiece. With this in Mind, Do Not rinse out conditioner.

•  Last but not least, gently detangle hair using your Wide Tooth Comb.


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How to shampoo your ponytail extensions




•  Most importantly, allow wig or hairpiece to air dry naturally by placing on a plastic or wire wig stand. Therefore, DO NOT blow-dry.
•  Especially for mid-length to long length styles, apply HD Smooth Detangling Spray, (3-5 pumps) focusing on the bottom half of wig or hairpiece. Thereafter, gently combing through using your Wide Tooth Comb.
•  At this time we recommend using your fingertips or wig brush/comb for your desired style.
•  Also, to add texture and definition. Importantly, only use a small amount of Piece Out Contour Fiber Crème and finally apply gently using fingertips.
•  Do NOT use heat to style synthetic fibre, including and in addition to curling irons, flat irons and especially blow dryers.


•  Obviously be cautious when standing near a heat source. In additions to an open oven and also a heater. Excessive heat will definitely damage the fibre over time.

•  It should be noted that we also recommend using HD Smooth Detangling Spray with a wide-tooth comb to detangle your synthetic wig. Especially important with a mid-length to long length wig or hairpiece.


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