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Imagine waking up one morning to find that your hair is falling out. This isn’t just a bad dream. This nightmare has become reality for many people in the world today due to COVID-19 (COVID). People have reported all manner of symptoms but those who lost their locks are not alone and there may be no need for alarm as it could simply be an isolated side effect. Although there’s currently little known about the long-lasting effects. What we do know is that Covid Hair Loss is one of them.

Covid Hair Loss and what causes it

Covid affect your Telegen Effluvium

Following the date of COVID exposure, many patients have been shown to experience hair loss. This is a sign that can be consistent with telogen effluvium (TE). This means it’s possible for an acute illness such as fever – one of the main symptoms in those who become ill from COVID- to start this condition off. TE occurs after shedding some or all hairs and has very little long-term impact on overall health. However if left untreated, there are cases when someone may lose their entire head of hair due to lack of nutrients being distributed throughout follicles. Often and at times, only a mild scalp irritation will occur while waiting out these three months. Thereafter most people have seen significant results once they’ve recovered fully.

Hair Toppers to Cover your Hair Loss due to Covid

Hair Loss within 60 – 90 Days

Many people who develop TE notice significant hair loss 60 to 90 days after a major triggering event. The majority of the time, it only affects less than half of their scalp and lasts up 9 months before regrowth.

Research about Covid Hair Loss

Researchers have concluded that hair loss is a likely side effect of being under stress, even if you do not catch COVID. Some of these side effects are caused and due to dealing with constant job pressure and uncertainty. These are known causes for your own lack of wellbeing.

While many people may think they are immune to negative outcomes because they haven’t been directly affected by this pandemic yet. Research suggests otherwise. Those who suffer from chronic or acute levels of anxiety as well as a general lack in sense-of-self enjoyment – regardless if it’s due to COVID or other stresses. Risk losing their locks!

A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is essential to your well-being. Make sure you’re incorporating stress management, a good diet, sleep, and exercise into your life. The benefits of these four things go way beyond just improving the appearance or health of certain parts of your body; they will make you feel happier in return.

Professional Wigs to cover your hair loss due to Covid

Covid Hair Loss Conclusion:

The connection between COVID and hair loss is beginning to be reported in research and in the news. It’s clear that at times. Hair loss and thinning can take a toll on one’s self-esteem and be part of our identity. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about this condition so stay tuned! If you want help with your wig purchase or private fitting appointment, please book an appointment today by contacting us here.

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