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Hair loss can start with a few extra hairs in the sink or on your comb. Later, it may progress to baldness and you will have an exposed scalp. Baldness typically refers to excessive hair loss from heredity, certain medications or other underlying medical conditions such as alopecia areata which is characterized by patches of extreme hair thinning that occur either spontaneously or following injury/stress. The stages of hair loss that we talk about are as follows.




People who suffer from this condition experience significant distress because they often worry about their appearance (elderly people) and how others perceive them (younger adults).

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Time to take action


When you start to notice an increase in the number of hairs that are stuck on your comb or lining the bathroom sink,
it’s time to take action.

Anyone – men, women, and children – can have their hair fall out. 40% of women experience it by the time they are age 40 according to the American Academy of Dermatology

Anyone – Men, Women, and Children alike can lose their hair. Around 1-4 people out there suffer from various stages of hair loss and balding. 

How much is too much?


Most people lose about 100 hairs per day. But with around 100 000 hair follicles in the scalp, this should not cause noticeable thinning of our locks. Gradual thinning is normal as we age and goes hand-in-hand with other minor changes to how our bodies function over time.

Did you know that most of us shed anywhere between 50 – 150 strands each morning? That’s only 10% more than what’s considered average! And sometimes it can be even less if your hair has been recently trimmed or chemically treated for example when dyeing it; which means there might just be something else at play here like hormonal fluctuations during puberty, pregnancy, etc., stress levels, and lack of nutrients from diet/lack exercise.

Hair loss can lead to baldness when one of the following occurs.


1. The rate of shedding exceeds the rates at which new hair grows.

2. When new hair sheds are thinner than what they have shed before.

3. Hair starts coming out in patches rather than uniformly across your head like it did once upon a time.

The Various stages of hair loss in women and men

If you’re worried about your hairline, then take a look at the above to find your stage of hair loss. It shows different stages of balding! The first thing we want to do is determine what stage you are in? If your hair has started thinning but not enough that people can tell from afar or up close photos show scalp easily due to the lack of coverage on top (stage 1), then an additional piece may be all that’s needed for fixing this issue. However, if there have been noticeable changes such as sparse patches with little-to-no density left behind and strands appear short where previously they were long.

Toppers for Various Stages of Hair Loss

With so many options available, finding the right one for you might seem tricky.

Follow the steps in our hair toppers virtual consultation to find the right hair topper for your stages of hair loss.

Once completed we will show you a selection of styles that are designed for you perfectly.

Find the perfect hair topper for your stage of hair loss

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Hair Toppers for All Stages of Hair Loss

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