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The Best Easihair Pro Care Advice Ever!

When getting your human hair tape in extensions applied we strongly recommend reading our easihair pro care advice below.
This will give your human hair extensions longevity and bring out the very best in your easihair pro hair extensions.

Lady showing Easihair pro care products along with tips and tricks for your hair extenstions

Before you apply easihair pro extensions


The salon needs to clarify your hair twice before the application process can begin.

Done to remove residue from your existing hair, like oils and dirt.
And therefore the tape in extensions will adhere to your hair perfectly and for longer.

Do not use any conditioner or styling products in your hair before the application process. As your hair needs to be squeaky clean.

Lady wearing coloured easihair pro tape in hair extensions

Shampoo and washing your hair afterwards


Do not wash your hair for 48 hours (two days) after easihair pro extensions have been applied.

This gives the tape in extensions enough time to “cure”
(This also includes sweating while doing a workout)
So hold off any workouts for a while

Do not wash with shampoos that contain oils or silicones.
Using the right Easihair Pro Care Products will ensure your extensions last and remain looking amazing.

When you do apply shampoo to your hair make sure you do so in an even and downward motion.

Please be aware that our bodies feed our natural hair.
Waiting too long to wash your hair will result in slippage from your body’s natural oil production on your existing hair.

Lady showing off her new ehp hair extensions

Conditioning Easihair Pro Hair Extensions

Do not use hair conditioners, oils, and or hair treatments on the easihair Pro Tapes
Please keep all these away from the panels to ensure they stay on for longer.

Conditioners, Oils and other hair treatments may be applied to the Mid Shaft and Lower Ponytail downwards.

You may use oil for additional moisture but from the Mid-length of your hair and towards the ends.

View our gallery to see the various looks you can create

Surfer wearing her easihair pro tape in hair extensions

Easihair Pro Care Products For Human Hair Extensions


We have created a range of specially formulated hair care products that are perfectly suited for Easihair Pro Tape in Human Hair Extensions. These products have been tried and tested and are the only care products we recommend you use.

Please click on the below to be purchase EHP Care Products.

A range of care products for Easihair Pro Hair Extensions

Blow Drying, Flat Ironing, and Heat Curling Hair Extensions


Blow drying your hair will smooth out the cuticles.


Always dry your panels. You can leave your hair to dry naturally but you must dry the tape in extension panels that have been applied to your natural hair. This is done to make sure the tapes bond together for longer. If you have fine or thin hair we recommend that you dry your hair completely. This is done because the additional weight from wet hair can result in damage.

Using Heat on your Hair Extensions


Use a moderate heat setting and at the same time use a thermal protection spray when blow-drying, flat ironing, or curling your EHP extensions.

Too much heat can damage your hair extensions and cause fading and therefore making your extensions appear dry.

Be sure that you are pressing your extension panels together when you are blow-drying. This will reaffirm the bond each time you dry your hair.

If you have any questions please reach out to our Easihair Pro Experts.

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Brushing and Tangling your Hair Extensions

Brush, brush and brush again. brushing your hair is very important.

This is very important will prevent and rid your hair of tangles while keeping your hair looking and feeling beautiful.

Brushing while your hair is wet

When your hair is wet hold the panels and remove any tangles by working from the ends upwards.

Winter months are especially important for daily brushing to remove tangles.

Tangles are caused by the extra friction of wearing jackets and scarves during the winter months.

So brush more frequently during winter.

Digital Hair Extension Book

Showing you styles that can be created in minutes, so get that look you’ve always wanted with Easihair Pro.

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Use a Silk Pillowcase When Sleeping

Now, who doesn’t love sleeping on silk? There is even more reason to now.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase feels awesome but at the same time helps to prevent your hair extension from tangling.

Just another easihair pro car tip to get the most out of your hair.

For even more care, put your hair in pigtails and sleep this way to prevent tangles even further

Can I swim with Easihair Pro Extensions?

Yes, you can swim with easihair Pro Extension, but do the following first!

Seawater and swimming pools are not very hair-friendly.

When using a pool or swimming in the ocean, apply our Easihair Pro leave-in conditioner.

We further suggest that after swimming you rinse your hair thoroughly.

Infographic about ehp hair extensions

Can I Colour Easihair Pro Extensions?

Yes, indeed you can. We recommend using a semi or demi-permanent colour.

However, do not use permanent hair dyes on your hair extensions.

Also do not lift or make the existing colour lighter.

You can touch up your roots with your hair extensions. However, make sure the colour does not get pulled through your hair or touch the panels.

We suggest removing your panels when doing a colour touch-up on your roots. Thereafter, reapply the panels to your hair.

Lady wearing coloured ehp hair extensions

What can I expect throughout the Re-Application process?

Wash your hair with your hair extension before you go into the salon for your removal.

This will save you time and money.

Your Easihair Pro certified stylist with remove and clean your extensions.

Further Easihair Pro Care Tips and Tricks

Leave some extra time for styling until you become accustomed to working with the extra length and volume easihair pro creates on your head.

For longevity, push your tapes together while watching tv.

Prebook your extension follow-up appointment no later than 5 – 6 weeks after the initial application.

Easihair Pro Care – SSS – Stop – Snap and Send.

In the event you experience any challenges, please

Stop, access the situation
Snap a picture or video
Send this through to your salon or to us

They or we will be able to get back to you shortly with a solution.

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