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Hair Bonding for Men

What is Hair Bonding for Men you might ask? It’s a process whereby we bond/glue a hairpiece to your existing hair or head. These hair bonding extensions come in a variety of styles and colours to blend into your existing hair perfectly. Our toppers are designed for your exact shape of hair loss. Due to this, we have a range of hair toppers that will instantly transform your look by adding volume and body to fine, thin hair. These Bonding solutions offer today’s man unique solutions at each stage of hair loss. The best alternative to a full wig. If you suffer from hair loss then without a doubt we have an ideal solution for you.

A mens hair replacement story
Man showing his lack of hair on his crown
Smiling man with alopecia wearing his Bonded hair

Our Hair Loss Model


Event MC
Pageant Coach

Stage of Hair Loss


Type of Hair Loss

Androgenic Alopecia


Hair Loss Solution

Customised Hair System


Bondable Hair Topper


Bonded and styled by a professional alternative hairstylist. 

Man showing his newly bonded hair
Man showing his partchy hairloss
Man with advanced hair loss showing his hair bonding


“Once the stylist gets cutting and starts doing his artistry, I think that’s where the magic really happens”



“This look is like nothing that comes out of the box”



“There is non of that panic that is going to come off or slip”


“There is none of that, no worry at all”


“I feel secure and I love that”

Man showing his lack of hair on his head before he had a hair topper
Man with a hair bonding system


Each Hair Piece is designed for your stage and shape of hair loss. Created by the Experts at Jon Renau and now available here in
South Africa. Each style can be cut and trimmed to the shape of the hair loss, creating the perfect fit and blending into your existing hair.

Euro Andre Topper Base

Euro Andre Hair Topper

Euro Jean Topper

Jacques Hair Topper Base

Jacques Hair Topper

Marc Hair Topper

Jean Hair Topper Base

Jean Hair Topper

Gaston Hair Topper

Find the Hair Topper that Suits you Perfectly

We have created a unique hair topper finder.
This will help you find the perfect topper for your stage of hair loss.
Once you complete the below our hair loss experts will reach
out to you with further advice.

Find the perfect Hair Topper that is designed just for your stage of hairloss

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Men’s Hair Bonding Treatments


Our Men’s Hair bonding extensions and created to match your mair loss perfectly. Most can be trimmed to the exact shape of the hair loss on your crown to create the perfect fit.

Mens hair systems created by

Part of Jon Renau is part of the World Wide Jon Renau Group.
our hair bonding treatment was created by the experts at Jon Renau and now available here in South Africa through selected salons.
These hair bonding salons go through extensive professional training in order to be able to provide this service.

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