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Amazing Jon Renau Hair Toppers on Jenny

Using various Jon Renau Hair Toppers on Jenny we have completely transformed her look and feel and improved her overall confidence. She works in Health Care marketing. Jenny also has progressive hair loss. Struggling with Androgenetic Alopecia, thinning hair since her early 20’s. Having tried every remedy for hair loss available, Jenny finally decided to reach out to us and find an alternative hair solution. Jenny realized that there was actually nothing that made or could make her hair grow back in the end. Her need was to add volume to her existing thinning hair. BTW: She loves singing to Taylor Swift in the car. Read her inspiring hair toppers with Jenny’s story below and her transformation through Jon Renau’s clip-in hairpieces

A true story about Hair Loss with Jenny and the hair toppers she now uses
Jenny shares her hair loss journey with us
Jenny showing her balding head and thinning hair

About Jenny’s Hair Loss


  • Healthcare Marketing

Stage of Hair Loss

  • Mid / Progressive

Type of Hair Loss

Androgenetic Alopecia

Hair Toppers with Jenny


Styles we Used

Top Form Hair Topper

Top Wave Hair Topper

Styled by a professional alternative hairstylist. Find one in your area today. 


Read a true story about a women with hair loss
Jennifer is smiling with her new hair toppers and wigs by Jon Renau
An amazing hair loss story and using Jon Renau synthetic smartlace wigs
Jennifer struggled with her hair loss


“Throughout my life, I have faced countless difficult situations. As a woman, a wife, a mother, in my career. And throughout my hair loss journey. But I have learnt that there is magic on the other side of fear”


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Top Form Hair Topper


Designed to add gorgeous volume at the crown. Made with 100% Remy human hair. The Top Form integrates with your own hair for a supremely natural look. You can also style this hair topper with heat!

Lets find the perfect hair topper for your stage or type of hair loss

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Here you will find the perfect hairpiece to add volume and length to your existing hair.

Find the perfect Hair Topper that is designed just for your stage of hairloss

The Complete Jon Renau Hair Topper Collection

From beginning to advanced-stage hair loss. We have a hair topper designed and styled just for you. Each model is available in a variety of colours to blend into your existing hair. View our complete collection below. 

Hair Toppers by Jon Renau South Africa


Top Wave Hair Topper


The Top Wave hair topper has a bold, unfettered attitude that shines brighter with this easygoing. It’s a wavy style hair topper. This clip in topper adds volume and looks completely natural with a monofilament base. Perfect for the beginning and mid/progressive stages of hair loss.

Fittings in our Wig Boutique

Book your private and personalized fitting inside our wig boutique in Cape Town. We will show you and try on various hair toppers in a variety of colours and materials. These can be done online virtually or inside our Wig Boutique in person.

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A true life story about the struglles with hair loss