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What are Lace Front Wigs, And Why they are Better?

Lace front wigs in South Africa have a unique lace front cap design to create a natural-looking hairline on the wearer.
They are a bit more expensive than other styles as the lace frontal is designed to be ready to wear, right out the box.
In other words, no trimming is required on the lace frontal.

With the Jon Renau range of Smartlace Lace Front Wigs in South Africa, you can create a partition anywhere on your hairline.
These qualities make the range breathable and light on your head.

This is why women from around the world wear wigs to enhance their style but they are also used by women suffering from alopecia and other hair loss conditions.

Synthetic and Human Hair Options


Our range of lace front wigs come in both Remy Human Hair along with a long-lasting synthetic material.

Included in this range is our Unique Heat Defiant range that can be heat styled just like natural human hair.

Various women wearing different styles of lace front wigs

How much does a good lace front cost?

Synthetic lace front wigs cost between R 2800 and R 10 000.
Human Hair varies between R 10 000 and R 50 000 in South Africa.
It all depends on the length and hair density used in the wig.

Unique Features of Lace Front Wigs

In contrast to any other wigs, you can create specific partings to make new and unique hairstyles daily.
Therefore our styles allow you to make different partitions.

Wherever you create partitions on your head, wearing a lace wig gives you the illusion of natural hair.

As previously mentioned, it’s airy and that means the scalp’s breathability is as good as without a wig, well almost.

Above all, it gives your hair the opportunity to grow underneath healthily and naturally.

The Latest Technology in Lace Front Wigs

SmartLace™ Lite is a patented wig cap design by Jon Renau. It’s a light hair density wig style featuring a lace front that extends ear-to-ear. Along with its unique and ultra-lightweight cap design. Manufactured with a new Non-slip silicone nape. Creating a snug fit while retaining.

Hairstyle Versatility


Because you can create multiple partings on a lace wigs, therefore you have hairstyle versatility.

Unlike others, with our styles, with ours you are able to create, high ponytails, low ponytails, side braids, pigtail hairstyles, and a space bun.

Undoubtedly, lace front wigs have various benefits, that is why it comes with a higher price tag, but it is worth spending.

The New Smartlace Lite Digital Wig Book

Go ahead and page through to get inspired to change your current wig.

Where Can You Get the Best Lace Front Wigs?

You can buy the best synthetic and human hair pieces from

Along with the above styles, we also have Pixie, Shag, Bob, short, straight, curly and long layered options available. clear png logo

Are you looking for a new wig?

Our Lace Front Wigs are made by Jon Renau and have a patented smartlace front.

This means that you have the ability to change the parting as you desire. Now, you can wear your hair in any style.

Do you want to look like yourself but better? Get a smartlace model today and feel confident in whatever hairstyle or outfit you choose! It’s so easy to do anything with these wigs, from braids, curls, updos, ponytails – even straightening them! They’re perfect for any occasion. And they come in all colours and styles. There is something for everyone

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Private and Personalised Fittings in our Wig Boutique


We know any hair loss can be traumatic, we, therefore, offer private fittings with our wig specialists at our wig boutique. You can either book to come in and speak to a consultant or we can offer you this consultation virtually. Click on the image or here to schedule a fitting with us.

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