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During this transformation, we used various Mono Top Wigs on Kira. Being an aspiring actor, she struggles with her Androgenetic Alopecia. She has always dreamt of being in the movies. However, she never had the opportunity or the courage as a child to make her dreams a reality. So she settled for life as a mother while working on her full-time career. Mono Top Wigs have not only given her the confidence needed to cope with her hair loss and to share her journey with others. Kira’s says that all women should take chances, be brave, be confident. If not, then you will miss out on 100% of the chances and opportunities you didn’t take. Without a doubt, these are amazing changes and a true-life hair loss story by using mono top wigs on Kira, along with other alternation hair solutions by Jon Renau. 

Kira wears Mono Top Wigs by Jon Renau South Africa
Kira loves her Mono Top Wigs created by Jon Renau
Kira showing her bald head due to her Androgenetic Alopecia

About Kira’s Hair Loss


  • Actor

Stage of Hair Loss

  • Mid / Progressive

Type of Hair Loss

Hair Loss Solutions

Mono Top Wigs &
Smartlace Human Hair

Styles of Wigs Used

Alexis – Mono Top Wigs

Blake – Smartlace Wigs

Styled by a professional alternative hairstylist. Find lace front wigs here. 


She says her Mono Top Wigs have given her confidence
Kiar uses various wigs and hair pieces by Jon Renau now
Her hair loss days are over

“Mono Top Wigs have not only given me the confidence I needed to cope with my own hair loss and share my journey with others. But also the freedom to change my look and help me transform into any character”


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What is a Mono Top Wig?

Monofilament refers to the base design of the wig. The base is the cap that the fibres (or hair) of the wig are attached to. With a Monofilament wig, the fibres are hand-tied to a soft welded mesh on the outside of the wig cap. A layer of glass silk is on the inside of the cap which feels silky on the wearer’s scalp and gives the appearance of natural-looking skin. It also allows the wearer multiple directional styling and so more versatility.

Learn more about the different Wig Cap Construction Types

Our Complete Mono Top Wig Collection

A wide variety of Mono Top Wigs

Alexis Mono Top Wig by Jon Renau

The Alexis comes with shaggy bangs and long layered waves. It’s a hand-tied double monofilament wig that is everyone’s favourite style. The 100% hand-tied stretch section allows front-to-back and ear-to-ear stretch.

Various women wearing different coloured Jon Renau Mono Top Alexis wigs by Jon Renau

About the Blake Wig by Jon Renau

The most versatile human hair lace front wig, Blake has each strand of Remy human hair hand-tied to a stretch cap to create long layers of luxury and limitless styling possibilities.

Watch and learn how to style the Blake human hair wig below.

The Jon Renau Blake Human Hai Wig in Various Colours and styles

The Jon Renau Human Hair Wig Range

Click on the below image or here to see the various human hair wigs created for women with hair loss.

Various women wearing different Jon Renau Remy Human Hair Wigs

Private and Personalised Hair Topper & Wig Fittings Available at The Fascinations Boutique

Hair loss can be a personal matter and for this reason, we have a bespoke wig boutique where you are able to try on various styles in comfort and in our private wig consultation rooms.

During your consultation, we will go over all aspects of the wig or topper you are enquiring about. From the materials used to make the piece and the cap construction, right through to the colours and lengths that the piece you have chosen comes in. We are confident that we will find the perfect wig or hair topper to suit you and your lifestyle.

Jon Renau Monofilament Wigs

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Watch and learn how we transform the lives of women across the world with our hair loss solutions.

A true life story about the struggles with hair loss