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The professional wigs collection fuses elegant couture-inspired fashion sense with Jon Renau’s renowned craftsmanship. This range features stunningly beautiful and superbly comfortable wigs. Sold exclusively through preferred wig boutiques across South Africa. The professional wig collection was created to cater to the high standards of wig professionals serving busy mums and brides seeking a glamorous Aisle-style to women who are experiencing total and complete hair loss.

Various women wearing professional wigs creatred by Jon Renau

Hairpieces Created with Superior Materials

The professional wig collection features multiple styles selected as exemplars of the superior materials and attention to detail that characterizes Jon Renau wig designs. These styles include short shags, straight bobs, and long layered wig styles.

Using Only The Very Best Materials Available

The professional wig line embraces technological advances in synthetic fibres and luxurious human hair that mimic the radiant shimmer of natural hair while providing a long-lasting body and picture-perfect style day by day.

Two women with hair loss having a wig consultation

Created in Hairstyles that won’t go out of Fashion

In keeping with the ever-changing frontier of modern fashion, our professional wig range will continue to be expanded and new styles will be included in this exquisite collection over time. As this is one of our premier lines the professional wig collection will never be available for online purchases, but only available through to selected and authorised wig boutiques across South Africa. Thus, ensuring that this collection will always meet the standards of our most selective customers. Once you have found a style you love, come and try her on in our private wig boutique.

Are you looking for a new wig?

Jon Renau’s professional wigs are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to look and feel their best. These wigs feature a unique blend of comfort, style, and quality that will have you feeling confident in your own skin. With so many styles to choose from, there’s something for everyone!

You can wear these wigs anywhere without worrying about them falling off or being uncomfortable. They come with adjustable straps at the nape of the neck so they fit securely on your head while still being comfortable. And because it’s made from 100% human Remy hair, it looks like real hair too! It’s everything you need in one beautiful package.

Shop our collection today and find your dream wig!

Various men and women wearing wigs and hair toppers by Jon Renau South Africa

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