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Aramex International Shipping Service is an international shipping service that delivers your global online shopping from 32 countries to your address, swiftly & cost-effectively. We all want unique products that are not available locally, now there is a service that can help with your online shopping. Aramex has continued to see significant demands from customers who need to be provided with innovative solutions to meet their global online shopping needs. The Aramex e-commerce services and solutions enable everyone to conveniently and securely buy products and services online from around the world. Aramex is a leading global provider of integrated logistics and transport solutions based in Dubai.

Wigs for Men and Women Delivered By Aramex International Shipping Service

Jon Renau Wigs in South Africa

Jon Renau is a family-owned business that has become an international leading manufacturer of wigs hair toppers, hairpieces, hair additions and hair extensions. John and Stella Reynolds, the founders of Jon Renau, began their entrepreneurial journey in the alternative hair industry in South Africa in 1969. When they transferred operations to the United States in 1984, they continued to grow Jon Renau as a family endeavour. From the start, they have worked with both small boutiques and large retailers in the United States, Canada and South Africa. The Reynolds family has grown their business by nurturing its customers and providing the best possible hairpieces around.

Global Shopping Locally

Aramex International Shipping Service is Aramex’s online “last mile” shipping service that enables hundreds of thousands of consumers around the world to quickly and affordably receive goods purchased from online (international shopping) stores in the US, UK and over 20 other countries. The service is available in more than 80 cities around the world.

Why Register for this Amazing Service

Once registered with the global shopping service, members receive unique shipping addresses in the US, UK, and over 20 other countries around the world. Aramex International Shipping Service, according to Aramex, allows people to purchase goods online from all over the world and have their goods delivered to their doorstep in their country. Aramex International Shipping Service is one of the leading international last-mile shipping services, created by Aramex to make global online shopping more convenient and affordable for online consumers around the world.

Aramex shop and ship makes global shopping local

Shop Anywhere With a Local Address in Your Country

The company provides users with a local delivery address and then sends the delivery route to the customer. With the app, you can easily copy and paste Aramex International Shipping Service addresses and your unique Aramex International Shipping Service account number. See real-time package updates and receive notifications on when to expect your delivery. They will provide you with ways to pay for international shipping and import duties of your products.

Due to the high global demand for Aramex International Shipping Service, the growing customer base and the rapidly changing needs of e-commerce customers, Aramex has launched a new and unique subscription option: “Aramex International Shipping Service FLEX”. Membership benefits will provide members with more value and flexibility when shopping online around the world. These benefits include reduced shipping rates.

Cost and Import Duties

When purchasing goods online through this service, your package will be delivered to the Aramex International Shipping Service office in that respective country. Of course, you have international shipping costs in addition to your purchase along with the relevant import duties of that country. When shipping goods, the international freight amount is calculated on the weight of the product. So now you can buy from stores that don’t ship to your country. Sign up today and get a dedicated mailing address (physical addresses) in your country. Shop at your favourite stores with Aramex and let’s make global shopping happen.

Whats More – There’s an App

Download the Android and IOS apps to purchase products and to track your parcel while making freight and import duty payments when needed.

Global Freight Insurance Is Included in Your Shopping Automatically

Worried about lost or damaged shipments? Don’t be. With Aramex International Shipping Service Protect, you can shop online with ease and have all of your shipments above US$100 and up to US$2500 or equivalent protected against loss or damage.

The fees are as follows:

Shipment Value                            Aramex International Shipping Service Protection Fee

Up to US$100                                     No fee*

Every additional US$100                US$1 (or equivalent in local currency)

*Shipments of up to US$100 or equivalent are automatically covered by Aramex Global Shopper as per the Terms & Conditions.

What Makes Our Wigs Different

“We have always cared deeply about our customers’ well-being,” says John Reynolds. “We believe our customers respect our family values.”

Range of wigs you can view virtually

It’s a Family Business

As a family business, Jon Renau is dedicated to partnering with our retailers for their success by being agile and responsive to the various needs of large and small businesses. We remain focused on creating products that truly improve the lives of our men and women around the world. We believe it is essential for men and women to have the ability to express themselves through style and colour, whether they seek alternative hair for fashion or from need.