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A Secure and Comfortable Way to Keep your Wig in Place All Day

Jon Renau Stay Put Wig Grip Band is a clever headwear item that secures your hairpiece securely in place.
It has an invisible lace section so that people will be unaware of its presence.
The non-slip rubber will keep it from moving around on you all day long!

Lady with Severe Thinning Hair Wearing the Stay Put Wig Grip Headband

The Unique Features of Our Wig Grip

The new Lace Front Wig Base provides a strong, comfortable foundation for your lace front wig.
It’s made of luxe velvet fabric that will not itch or irritate you throughout the day and is designed to be completely undetectable under any other type of hairpiece!

Wearing your new Stay Put wig grip is easy

Follow these instructions to make sure you get the best possible hair day!

Strategically position the Stay Put Wig Grip Headband around the perimeter of your head and just behind your hairline.
The swiss lace should stay on top to align with your wig’s parting line for a comfortable fit that’ll last all day long!

Align the wig grip band, so it stays securely in place while running errands or going about everyday life.

Where to place your Stay Put Wig Grip Headband

To ensure your adjustable wig grip headband is secure.
Use an elastic band to adjust it accordingly so that you have a tight and snug fit on your head.

Details on the Wig Grip that make it unique

Align the part of your wig with the Stay Put Wig Grip swiss lace area.

The velvet fabric should not be visible once you put on your wig.

Keeping everything securely together and it stay looking natural all day long!

What Types of Wigs Can I use this with?

With the Stay Put Wig Grip, you can be confident that your wig is secure and won’t move while you’re working.
You can use this with any wig or hairpiece.

Colours Available

We created this amazing headband in 2 colours to seamlessly blend in with your wig.

Used by Women with Hair Loss

Various women from around the world share their hair loss journey with us.
From thinning hair to complete and total hair loss caused by Alopecia.
Read them below.

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