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ONE It can remove damage and frizz from synthetic and heat resistant synthetic fibre wigs. Comb through the fibre using a fine-tooth comb while using your wig steamer to make the fibre smooth. TWO It can change the structure and style of the wig. In other words, also used for Styling Wigs. The wig steamer can make a curly wig straight or a straight wig curly. To curl a synthetic wig, use a set of hair rollers, pin curl or hold on a round brush, then apply steam.

IMPORTANT The use of the steamer will make a change in the fibre permanently until you apply steam again. It is recommended that Styling Wigs be done by a professional alternative hairstylist. You can book in your wig with our professional stylists to have this done. Book here. 

It is most important to remember that when you steam and then curl (even if only slightly), you MUST allow the fibre to COOL in order for the styling to be really set.


How to use a wig steamer?


Want to know how to remove frizz from your HD heat resistant synthetic wig. We will show you step by step what products to use. And how to go about removing the unwanted frizz and tangles. Ensuring the longevity of your precious wig. Created by the experts at Jon Renau South Africa.
Firstly, access the level of frizz and tangling on your wig. If the frizzing is mild, try using a flat iron as the first step. (Use a Flat iron on HD wigs only) Secondly, only use a Jon Renau wide tooth comb while combing your hair. Thirdly, use our HD Smooth detangler.



Wig Care Products We Used


We used the following products to remove frizz and treat your synthetic hair wig. Should you have any question, please do reach out to our hair experts. Afterall, we are here to help you.

The only heat styling tool recommended for synthetic wig styling
Spray to enhance and prolong the beauty of synthetic wigs and hairpieces

Wig Servicing

Want the professional to do this for you. Book your wig in and let us service it for you.


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Wig Care

All our Synthetic, HD and Human Hair care instructions are just a click away. Click on the below image to be linked to this page.

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