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Wigs for advanced hair loss. We highlight 2 wigs for advanced hair loss in this section. With over 250 unique solutions for your thinning hair. Get in touch with our experts today and book your fitting in our Wig Boutique. It’s completely private and you are welcome to bring a friend along for the experience. After all, who knows you best other than your best friend. During your time with us, we will go through various styles in various lengths and colours till we find the perfect shape and style to suit you. 

Suitable wigs for Advanced Stage Hair Loss
Our Model with severe hairloss

About our Hair Loss Model


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Stage of Hair Loss


Type of Hair Loss

Androgenetic Alopecia



The Hair Loss Solutions we used?

Smartlace Human Hair Wigs

Styles Used:


Blake Smartlace Wig

Carrie Smartlace Wig


Woman with advanced stage hairloss wearing rhe brown Blake Wig
Lady with severe hairloss wearing the Blonde Carrie Lace Front wig
The Blonde Carrie Human Hair wig




”I cannot make my hair grow back, but I can live the best life I can with hair loss””

Wigs for Advanced Hair loss We Used

Blake Human Hair Wig



The Blake smartlace wig is the versatile human hair wig in our range. It has each strand of Remy human hair hand-tied to a 100% hand-tied stretch cap to create long layers of luxury and limitless styling possibilities.

Curly Sienna Smartlace human hair wig in Blonde
Model wearing Sienna Wig in Blonde
The Sienna Smartlace Humna Hair wig

Carrie Human Hair Wig


The Carrie human hair wig ads the unique versatility of lace front wigs. Carrie’s 100% human hair and undetectable lace front maximize the styling options of the wearer. This shoulder-length bob can be flipped for fun or curled for seduction. Available in average and petite cap sizes, and “Renau Naturals (RN)”, ombre and shaded colours.

Model wearing the Top Full Hair Topper for Extra Coverage Area
Woam with Alopecia wearing her Top Full Hair Topper in Blonde
Lady with Hairloss wearing her Top Full Brown Hair Topper

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We are just highlighting a few wigs for advanced hair loss that we have in our amazing and extensive range.
Due to the vast range, we recommend that you book an appointment in our wig boutique for a private fitting. Bring your best friend along and have a cup of tea while we assist you in finding the perfect wig in a colour that suits you perfectly.