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Do you want to re-invent your everyday look by getting some fashionable alternative hair solutions? Because of this, the very best-quality wigs in South Africa are created by Jon Renau. It should be noted that by stocking and supplying this range we are the leading supplier of quality wigs in South Africa. Therefore we offer a spectrum of gorgeous human hair and synthetic wigs. With this intention of solely delivering, high-quality wigs to women and men dealing with various stages of hair loss. This is why we are the only official agents for Jon Renau in South Africa.

Real life hair loss stories and how wigs and toppers can change your look – empowering men and women who experience different stages of hair loss!

Designed by the jon renau professionals

Very importantly, all our wigs are designed by the experts at Jon Renau and are created to be gentle on your scalp. No matter if you need a long-style wig or a short-haired topper. Therefore and without a doubt, our hairpieces will certainly enhance your appearance and self-esteem. Moreover, at you can get short, long, synthetic, and human hair wigs. All in one place. It should be noted that we also have a Wig Boutique for you to try on various styles and designs. Finally, we believe in delivering the very best alternative hair solutions that that will suit your needs and style perfectly.

A range of lace front human hair wigs by Jon Renau

Male Hair Restoration by Jon Renau in Cape Town

 Apart from our standard wigs and toupees for men and women. We now offer a full head hair replacement solution for men. Firstly, it will boost your hair confidence. Secondly, it will bring back your youth by adding hair to your head that you have previously lost. This process takes around 3 hours from start to finish. As an example of this, you can walk in with a bald head and walk out 3 hours later with a full set of hair. Due to this being a hair bonding process. Whereby, we glue a pre-styled hairpiece to your head and blend it into your existing hair if any. Coupled with being a completely unique solution. It definitely does not involve any painful surgery and hair transplanting. Because of this, Book your hair appointment with our specialist today and walk out a new man.

Why Use Jon Renau Wigs?

As well as that we stock Jon Renau Hair Products due to the extensive range and quality they offer. Not to mention that each hairpiece is available in a wide variety of colours that are created to blend with your current fashion. In contrast to other brands, each product goes through a rigorous quality check. Thus ensuring your investment arrives in perfect condition. Given these points, we would like to say that Jon Renau is also now available worldwide.

Non Surgical same day full head hair replacement by

Created for both men and women. Whether your hair loss is due to an auto-immune disease like Alopecia, serious illness, and including Trichotillomania. Besides, we have you completely covered. People suffering from cancer usually face hair loss due to chemotherapy when the drugs travel throughout the body to kill the cancer cells. For these and others, we provide a complete range of wigs that reflect the personality of the wearer. Our products are designed to look like 100% natural-looking hair.

The Best Quality wigs in South Africa by Jon Renay

the Latest Wig Styles for men and women with hair loss

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Jon Renau Professionnal Alternative Hair Collection

The Beautiful Jon Renau Wig Range

Without a doubt, the best thing about shopping at WIGS is that we have solutions for every stage of hair loss. For example, we have Hair Toppers designed for the start of hair loss all the way through to hair products for advanced and complete hair loss. In addition to this, we have an exclusive range of fashion-forward colours that has been added to a selected range of wigs. Our New Arctic Colours range is available in various styles and lengths.

Being South Africas Largest Wig Supplier, we have wig agents, customers, and wig salons nationwide. In addition to this, you can now try on your investment at our newly refurbished Wig Boutique.

Celebrity style wigs by Jon Renau South Africa

Lace Front Wigs (SmartLace™)- precut lace frontal

To clarify, our lace front wigs (Smartlace) have each hair hand-tied to the front lace. Therefore creating the illusion of a natural-growing hairline. In particular, the finely woven lace front conforms to the shape of your head for a truly secure fit. Finally, a wig you’ll think was made just for you. Above all, differing because it can be flipped and styled according to your daily style needs. Therefore, go ahead. Change your look daily with this naturally exciting range of designer pieces from positively the world’s best wig maker.

smartlace wigs by Jon Renau south africa

One Day Female Full Head of Hair Replacement

Finally, a hair replacement process created for women looking for a more semi-permanent hair replacement. Using specially designed hair toppers. We bond (Glue) hair to your bald head (Scalp) or existing hair. Therefore, the process can also be completed on the day and is perfect for those needing an urgent change or hairpiece.

For this reason, get in touch with our experts to book your hair replacement appointment and fitting with us today.

Womans Hair Replacement system by

Book a Virtual or Private Fitting Today

Above all, do you want to choose the best wig style and colour but do not know where to start? With this purpose, it is time to get colour and style consultation from our experts. This can positively done virtually or in private in our Wig Boutique So, what are you waiting for? Obviously, if you want the highest-quality wigs in South Africa, get in contact with us straight away. Given that we will help you find the perfect hair solution that is just right for you. As a result, when you buy our wigs. You will definitely feel like a new you with added confidence and self-esteem.

Private and Personalised Hair Topper & Wig Fittings Available at Fascinations Boutique

Hair loss can be a personal matter and for this reason, we have a bespoke wig boutique where you are able to try on various styles in comfort and in our private consultation rooms.

During your consultation, we will go over all aspects of the wig or topper you are enquiring about. From the materials used to make the piece and the cap construction, right through to the colours and lengths that the piece you have chosen comes in. We are confident that we will find the perfect wig or hair topper to suit you and your lifestyle.

Men and Women use Jon Renau Wigs

Above all, we are the only official agents for the Jon Renau brand in South Africa.
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