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The Facts about – Are Wigs Halaal?

If you have been wanting to know – Are Wigs Halaal? If the hair is synthetic, the scholars found it permissible. And if the woman is married, this should be done after consultation with her husband, if the goal is decoration, making life easier; no deception or false identification. This is because the reason for this prohibition is forgery and deceit. The reason for this prohibition is that the wearing of false hair suggests deceit and forgery. Something from which a Muslim believes they are commanded to stay away from. Wearing wigs or hair extensions made of human or pig hair is prohibited in Islam with consent.

Lady with hair loss wearing a short blonde wig

Wigs are Forbidden but there is a catch

It is forbidden to combine your hair with another person’s hair or wear a human hair wig. Whether the hair is fully connected and inserted into the head or just a wig that can be removed and reinstalled. So, Are Wigs Halaal? If the source of the hair is impure, in all contexts it is considered prohibited. It is also a condition that the wig must not be made of human or impure hair.  however, many scientists allow this even if the wig or synthetic hair has been completely inserted into the head.

Are Wigs Halal and Allowed to be Worn by Muslim Women

With regard to the use of a wig made from animal hair (other than pig hair) or synthetic fibres. The jurists state that it is permissible. Whether the hair is fully inserted into the head or whether it is a removable wig. All of the hadiths above refer to the use of human hair and scholars agree that it is haraam. But regarding non-human or synthetic hair extensions, there is disagreement among scholars. The strongest opinion is that it is permissible to use such extensions as a means of decoration in the same way that clothing and ornaments are used. Provided that it is clear that the extensions are not for decorative purposes only and are not used as a means of deception. Scientists agree that if extensions or wigs are made from human hair, they should not be worn.

Chocolate Coloured wigs for women with thinning hair

Muslim Women are Forbidden to Make Changes to Their Bodies

Furthermore, sources suggest that women may be allowed to add things made of animal hair or man-made items and wear wigs made from these materials. However, when a woman is near her husband or close male relatives, she may wear this in her hair, as she cannot marry for religious reasons. Women are prohibited from creating unnatural or light hair. Our Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam forbids making changes to the human body without real need. Goes on to say that Allah curses women who have tattoos, those who ripped their hair from their faces, and those who cut their teeth for beauty’s sake.

Does this rule apply to Illness and having Synthetic Wigs and Hair Extensions?

So, if a man or woman has hair loss caused by chemotherapy treatment, does this still apply. In this case, the rule does not apply to adding artificial hair or hair extensions. It is allowed where a woman’s hair falls out and there is no hope of it growing back. Because in fact it was not made to emphasize beauty; rather, it is done to fix a defect. When the hair grows back after the surgery and pulls out on its own, it has nothing to do with hair extensions, but rather is considered a treatment that is allowed and permitted. If the hair is from non-human sources, such as a clean animal, this is acceptable.

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Lady with hair loss caused from cancer wearing a frey wig

Full Hair Transplants are Allowed

Islamic scholars and jurists are unanimous in their opinion that any application-grafting-transplantation or use of artificial hair (real or artificial) is not permitted for both believing men and women. Most scholars and jurists of Islam (Islamic Rulings) are of the opinion that provided that the transplanted hair is one’s own hair, and that this transplant will allow the hair to seek roots and later grow naturally. Such a transplant would be acceptable and accepted. The scholars and jurists of Islam are of the opinion that any medicine or treatment that allows hair to grow naturally is permitted. But it would be absolutely unacceptable to place, transplant, or transplant any other type of hair (real or artificial) that does not root and grow naturally. Therefore, many still consider any hair extension as a violation of Islamic ideals and beliefs.

Deceit and forgery are not Allowed

Wearing wigs and extensions and attaching hair is a no-no. As it is associated with deceit and deceit; being called a “lie” should be avoided.

Is it Haraam to Wear a Wig?

So are wigs halaal, wearing wigs or human hair extensions is haraam. Therefore, wearing human hair extensions is haraam, but it is permissible to wear hair extensions that do not belong to a person or animals, as long as they are not made from a pig. Hair extension are often used with existing hair, so the purpose is to pretend that the hair is long and beautiful; whereas hair transplantation is performed on a bald person or in the absence of hair in some areas of the body (or can be performed when the hair is thin and scattered), which means that the attachment to hair extensions is a deception and an illusion, but hair implantation is a treatment?

In Summary

Summing up, are wigs halaal. We can say that a hair transplant operation that is done according to the principles laid out should be accepted and allowed in Islam. It is forbidden to improve oneself, and having a hair treatment just to look better is not allowed. Shaykh al-Uthaymeen considers it permissible to wear a wig to cover a defect in the case of a woman who is bald or has lost her hair due to medication or illness such as chemotherapy. Only if this treatment caused the actual hair loss and thinning hair in men and women. Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) was asked about a woman who was taking medicine that caused her hair to fall out on her head, or most of it, and did not want to wear a wig because she thought it was haram. Because I heard before the fatwa that wearing a wig is better than showing real hair.

If, wearing them is not for deceit or cheating when they only partially cover the hair. If you want to be completely safe, choose a partial synthetic hair extension that won’t completely cover your head.


Should you have any concerns, please reach out to the Muslim Judicial Council.

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